Content Creation

Strategic communications that meet your goals

The industry is becoming more complex – and communication is too. Knowing where to start can be a challenge. A press release here, a technical article there, an occasional ad? Those days are gone. In 2021 and beyond, a tailored strategy that cuts to where it’s most effective is essential. That’s why we look at communication goals as a whole, rather than in isolation. We conduct thorough target group analyses, establish buyer personas, choose interesting subjects matter and tell your stories. We make sure that different media channels work synergistically and effectively, with engaging content used as a thread throughout. We ensure press relations, online consumer PR, lead generation campaigns, trade shows and customer communications are seamlessly intertwined.

We believe in strategic campaigning and marketing automation: it’s about getting the right content with the right message to the right people at the right time. We guide you through the jungle of channels and formats, develop your customised content mix and create your campaigns. With the latest digital marketing tools at our fingertips, we’ll make sure your communication covers all 360 degrees.


Print is not dead! When a subject requires explanation or a complex issue needs to be presented in detail, people still reach for physical publications. So we write press releases, interviews and feature articles that get published. In print, as well as online in e-papers, web platforms or industry newsletters, we write for the specific target group and position your company as an expert. We attach great importance to quality and diligence. We are reliable and we hit deadlines. (You think this goes without saying? Just ask the editors!)

We support your social media presence – on LinkedIn and Xing, as well as on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more. You just need advice or help putting together a communications plan? You’re looking to outsource everything? You need advice or assistance planning an in-house communications strategy? You’d like to outsource everything? Or maybe you’re looking for someone to create your company profile, set up your account, write and share posts, articles and stories, manage campaigns and communities? We are happy to do whatever you need: our team work magic with Facelift, Hubspot, Hootsuite, Zoho Social and more, so your stories are told on all channels.

We develop high-quality content and create added value for your target audiences. Blog posts, websites, infographics, customer newsletters, white papers, webinars, texts for web platforms and e-books... Whatever the medium, one thing remains true: class beats mass! We create content that editors want to use.
Many of our clients love our content provision service – a package of regular monthly news, features and blog posts for newsletters, social media and websites produced to a tailored media relations plan. Learn more here

Because communication has to be integrated across all channels, we support your sales teams and distributors. We create fantastic content for your company, so we make sure your existing and potential customers know all about it. Through smart content marketing, we develop lead generation campaigns and position your company as the go-to expert in your field.

Podcasts for B2B and internal communications? Great idea! With experienced moderators and the latest tech, we produce your podcasts or audio contributions ready for broadcast – including intro, outro and editing. We’ll take care of your video content, too. We don’t produce glossy image videos in-house, but we do have great high-end production partners. So while we’ll implement smaller projects ourselves, we work with our partners on more complex video projects or elaborate 3D animations.

Relevance and Quality

Content was declared king back in the 90s, and this still holds true today. We counter the flood of meaningless output with relevance and quality. We develop and produce content in a variety of formats with premium value for every audience. Whether it’s an article for a trade publication, an infographic for LinkedIn, a blog post for your website, a white paper or a webinar for your lead generation campaign: we create true value.

And what does it cost?

To be honest, we can’t say for sure. Even something as simple as a press release can take anything from a few hours to a couple of days to complete. This means it’s almost impossible to put a fair price – for you and for us – on a complex project in advance. After all, we don’t sell goods off the shelf. We offer you our time and our knowledge. You’ll benefit from our contacts, our ideas, our experience and our creativity. That’s why we prefer to take a different approach: We think it’s best to invest time upfront to discuss projects, as well as goals and expectations. Together, we can determine a budget that suits us both. Unless the specifications change, there is be no recalculation further down the line. When it comes to extensive projects, a test phase is helpful – it allows us to assess what’s needed and gives you a chance to evaluate preliminary results. Once the project is completed or after about three months on a retainer, we review progress and discuss how you’d like to proceed. How does that sound to you?