This is us!

With over ten amazing people, our core team is big enough to handle complex projects - and small enough to offer the personal touch. We are all very different to each other, but we are united by enthusiasm for “our” industries, and absolute determination to achieve outstanding results. What sets us apart from other agencies is the diversity of our people, our skills and our experience. We are nutritionists, food scientists, social media wizards, marketing experts, writers, content managers, technology buffs and creative designers. Some of our team have been working for 25 years, others have only recently finished university. Several have spent a long time living abroad or have a mother tongue other than German. Some have come from industry, others from agencies. What we don’t have are sloths, moaners, grinches and obstructors.

Anne-Katrin Pflästerer

Anne-Katrin founded the agency almost 20 years ago, more or less by chance. A lover of learning, she is always on the lookout for something new. Writing and networking are her two great passions, and one of her major talents is finding good people. Outside of work, things can never be dull. With contagious enthusiasm, Anne-Katrin loves trying out different things, but quickly switches focus when the learning curve flattens out. Her main goal these days? To be able to live and work in her green VW campervan for several months a year… #livingthedream

Benjamin Heckmann

As a drummer, Benny sets the rhythm for his rock band, YEN. At akp, he has been drumming up support for our clients for many years. Not only does he lead projects in the functional ingredients and packaging arenas! With Christina, the qualified transformation coach also plays an instrumental role in our “New Work” evolution and is part of the strategy team. The father of two little boys loves to spend his free time outdoors with his family. Benny always keeps his cool and remains true to his philosophy: “There is strength in tranquillity”.

Christina Fahrtmann

Since 2012, Christina has been channelling her enthusiasm for healthy nutrition here for us at akp. The communication scientist manages projects in the food and nutraceuticals sectors, is our expert in cosmetic ingredients, and shares her extensive PR knowledge with our newcomers. Together with Benny, Christina has completed her training as a transformation coach, and she plays a key role in our strategy team. She also brings our most hard-working team member to work every morning: Fips the dachshund!

Katja Kuderna

Born in Moscow, Katja has now lived in Germany for many years. Formerly a “big city” girl and a passionate dancer, she now prefers to end the day with yoga flows. The German studies graduate looks after our international accounts and makes sure our clients have strong media presences in Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Katja is currently on parental leave to look after her two boys, but that doesn’t stop her working for us because (and we quote): “Nappies are not enough!”

Sandra Schulze

All-round talent Sandra is a qualified nutritionist. Part of the akp team since 2011, her main focus is writing for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sectors. Even before Covid, we were used to the home office experience since Sandra bought a house far away from our office – It works! Sandra loves her garden, travelling to faraway places and Photography. And her most exciting project just has started: Although we are really happy for her, we can´t wait to have her back after her parental leave in 2023.

Marion Mann

Marion has been a breath of fresh air at akp since 2019. A wonderful wordsmith with great ideas, she is in charge of clients in the ingredients and plant engineering sectors. We finally have this new website because of Marion’s tenacity. Super creative in every respect – knitting, sewing and hand lettering are her favourite pastimes – she enjoys nothing better than a good podcast (true crime, if possible). Favourite gadget? Her curve plotter. Marion is also a fan of adventure travel: A highlight pre-pandemic was her road trip through Scandinavia.

Füsun Topcu

Füsun joined our team in the middle of lockdown. Digital content manager, evaluation expert and native Turkish speaker, she is as versatile as a Swiss army knife. For our clients, Füsun places articles in Turkish trade magazines and builds contacts with influencers. In addition, as Head of Press Distribution and Media Monitoring, she has become the guardian of the agency’s heart. When it comes to KPIs and evaluation, her goal is to take us to the next level as quickly as possible.

Ida Bahmann

Ida could be described as down-to-earth as well as dazzling. Conceptually strong and innovative, she is part of the "new generation" at akp. Through years of freelancing, close cooperations with agencies, projects for universities, with experience from numerous stays abroad, including in the USA and Greece, Ida brings many new perspectives to the table, whether in the context of client projects or in our New Work process. She finds her balance in the gym or in her vegetable garden.

Barbara Steffen

Barbara is our newest colleague and a real match: It was impossible to watch how quickly she got to grips with our rather complex topics. Due to her diverse industry experience, from chemistry to technology to baby products, she is an absolute all-rounder and switches easily between different projects and types of text: She whips up a fluffy social media post in one minute, and a complex technical article in the next - no problem! Welcome to our team, Barbara!

Petra Fabian

Petra makes sure that akp's books are in order and that the tax office has nothing to complain about. She is on top of accounting and everything that has to do with numbers at akp. With a calm manner and a steady hand, she keeps track of everything and collects all missing receipts. In her free time, you find her in the forest with her dog Minnie. Before starting at akp, Petra worked for an engineering company for many years.

Susanne Gütermann

Susanne has spent quite a lot of time on the red carpet: While studying English and communication sciences, she was a guest manager at the Festival of German Film. Before joining akp, the organisational talent worked in an advertising agency and is now carving her own niche in PR. A dedicated vegetarian, Susanne’s heart beats for animal welfare. She loves sport, musicals and concerts – and sometimes sings herself. Susanne also enjoys exploring the world with her two fur babies, and spends a lot of time with her family.

Sandra Čančar

If you see a mega stylish figure with a razor sharp fringe, cool tattoos and a high fashion outfit, that will be Sandra. Sandra joined us after she graduated in media and communication science studies. Now, she brings us up to speed not only stylewise, but also in terms of social media and digital communications. Sandra describes herself as a “crazy chicken” - and indeed she loves her four chickens.