Simply the very best: Our PR services

There are lots of PR consultants to choose from. But at akp, you’ll find all you need in one place: text lovers, service provider souls, investigative story tellers, savvy customer experts, evaluation geeks, idea incubators, brain stormers, social media addicts, problem solvers, conceptualisers, deep thinkers and those who love to take centre stage…and that’s just some of us! Together, we pull on more than one string at a time: our services seamlessly interlock. By delivering consistent communication, we take a load off your hands and a weight off your mind. We deliver great results with great competitive advantages. Whether you need one-off advice, help with a campaign or a long-term partner for 360 degree support – we’re here for you. We can even help you set up your own press office with on-site training.

PR consulting + strategy development

Effective PR needs experience and industry knowledge. And at the same time, it requires an eye on the market and a finger on the pulse. At akp, we advise our clients with vision, creativity and experience, and develop customised strategies that deliver results. We do not believe in campaign fireworks – they’re expensive and burn out quickly. We prefer sustainable success, systematic support and constant development. We always bear our clients’ resources in mind too.

Cross channel concepts and PR planning

We think conceptually and across all media. We know that the most impactful messages are received when activities mesh, build on each other and mutually reinforce their individual effects. And we never start without a plan and a strategy. Being flexible is important, too: When conditions change, issues or priorities shift or fantastic opportunities arise, we respond. Fast.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Measuring the results of PR activities is challenging – it’s usually part of the marketing, advertising and sales promotion mix. We are thrilled every time a client tells us that a new business relationship has been established following an article we’ve had published or a campaign we’ve created. But most of the time, result measurement is a little less exciting… We evaluate published works based on KPIs, analyse activity on web pages and count the number of times newsletters are opened. We measure and report using “aclipp”, one of the latest tools on the market, but we still count ROI in terms of ad equivalent value. And at akp, that figure is usually pretty impressive.

Exhibitions & Congresses

Trade shows, industry events, network meetings in person or online: Wherever you are, we’ll be there to support you. We’ll compile your press kits and promotional materials (print and digital), make sure you’re included in trade show catalogues, on websites and show previews. We’ll connect you with editors and organise talks, panel discussions, lectures and workshops. Press meetings and interviews at your stand? We’ll organise those and support your team with stand services. We are happy to support you in planning your own events, too.

Press events & Editorial office visits

There’s nothing like personal connections between people. That’s what we believe in, and that’s what we enjoy most. When it comes to direct contact between editorial offices and our clients, we build bridges but we don’t push ourselves into relationships. Whether it’s press events at trade shows, personal visits by editors to your premises, or your visits to editorial offices, we create real, personal connections.


It’s always great to scoop an award! So we’ll help you pinpoint what’s out there, compile your entry and make sure you hit submission deadlines. Of course, we’ll also be delighted to write your acceptance speech when you win!

Media planning

We happily take care of your media planning – from initial booking to publication – if you’d like us to. Our philosophy here is to be precise; we never take a scattergun approach. We dovetail media planning with PR activities, combining print and online media, including industry newsletters, and supporting your lead generation campaigns with well thought-out strategies. Of course, we also integrate networking platforms like LinkedIn into the mix.

Press office functions

For some clients, we are the PR department’s extra desk or additional team members for PR or marketing managers; for others, we are the external press office that takes care of everything communications-related. We find individual solutions and adapt seamlessly to whatever the specific needs may be.

PR training

Maybe you’d like to train your own employees to take on PR responsibilities themselves? Perhaps you have a new colleague who will be looking after communications for you in the future, but still needs to learn? We can help! With akp, your people get the knowledge they need for PR success in your industry. We can also assist you in setting up your own communications department or press office. With our on-site support, your team can go from zero to full speed in no time at all.