Our fields of expertise

We are one of the leading agencies for the ingredients industry, and have been for many years. We do not engage with every industry out there – that’s what sets us apart from many other service providers. Our focus is more specialised. We concentrate on ingredients for food, beverages, dietary supplements, pet food, animal feed, cosmetics, personal care and household cleaning products, including related technology and packaging. With every customer, with every project and with every task, our expertise and understanding of the industry grows. And you know what? We can’t imagine anything more exciting!



for food & drinks: sweeteners, sugar substitutes, high intensity sweeteners, functional sugars, flavours, extracts, gelatine, specialty oils, edible oils, dietary fibres, probiotics and prebiotics, functional carbohydrates, plant-based alternatives, wheat texturates, ancient grains, legume flours, specialty flours, spices, marinades, salt substitutes


Starches, texturisers, emulsifiers, excipients, hydrocolloids, fillers, binders, anti-caking agents, preservatives


Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, bakery, confectionery, dairy, desserts, meat products, fish, frozen foods, ready meals, snacks and convenience foods, dairy and meat alternatives, gluten-free, organic, breaded products, semi-prepared products


Micronutrients for dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages, including collagen peptides, ubiquinol, coenzyme Q10, astaxanthin, carotenoids and other antioxidants, krill oil, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium carbonate, vitamins, plant extracts, nootropic extracts; dosage forms, applications and indications

Pharma Excipients

Carriers, sweeteners, capsules, tablets, sachets and other dosage forms

Cosmetics & Household

Carriers and active ingredients for personal care products, skin care, baby care, cosmetics, oral care, toothpastes, sunscreens, detergents and cleaning products – including collagen and collagen peptides, lipids, calcium carbonate, ceramic microbeads

Pet Food/ Feed/ Aqua Feed

Functional and active ingredients for pet foods, animal feeds and aquaculture


Plant and processes for production, refining, preserving and technical optimisation, as well as engineering and plant construction. Microencapsulation, fluid bed technology, filling, canning, hygienic design and plant cleaning, cleaning-in-place, sensor technology and analytics, metrology, dosage forms, contract manufacturing and co-packing


Packaging for food, beverages, dietary supplements, cosmetics and household products, including PET and aluminium cans, corrugated board, paper and composite materials. Let´s speak about product advantages, production technology, design, recycling, sustainability and circular economy!

Industry IT & Digitisation

Industry 4.0, data loggers, automation, product lifecycle management, wireless technology, electronic labelling, tracking

Exhibitions & Events

Communications and public relations for international trade shows including Fi Europe and Hi Europe, B2B events and congresses


Digitisation in agriculture, agriculture 4.0, organic fertilisers, sustainability, biodiversity


Food Trends

Plant-based products, meat and dairy alternatives, proteins, natural and clean label ingredients, sports nutrition, sportification and e-sports, personalised nutrition, ethnic foods, low-glycaemic products, gluten-free products, nutricosmetics

Nutrition & Health

Metabolism, digestion, gut health and the microbiome, cardiovascular and immune health, blood glucose and diabetes, weight management, overweight and obesity, cellular and mitochondrial health, fitness, physical and mental performance, skin and connective tissues, muscle development, healthy ageing, sarcopenia, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, clinical nutrition, bioavailability, orthomolecular medicine

Regulation & Claims

EU Health Claims, regulatory approval, certification, food and pharma standards, GMP, labelling, including Nutri-Scores (Please note: We do not provide food law advice)


Carbon footprint reduction, recycling, circular economy, energy management, wastewater treatment, material savings, corporate social responsibility, sustainability reporting, standards and certification


Raw materials and supply chains, contract farming, transparency, traceability, quality assurance, supply availability, sustainable and responsible sourcing, food fraud prevention, contamination and cross-contamination elimination, product development, production standards, certification

Hygiene & Quality Control

Concepts, analysis, quality management, certifications, audits, HACCP, GMP, traceability, standards, Kosher, Halal

Product Development

Communicating concepts, rapid prototyping, pilot plants and upscaling, test series, food pairing, marketing campaigns

Markets & People

Regional trends, market statistics, trend reports, consumer studies, focus groups

Science & Research

Market and trend research, scientific studies, nutritional research, technological test series, test procedures


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