Regional or global? We can do both!

Tailor-made press relations and content for multiple countries – that’s our biggest strength. And another major secret to our success? We don’t rely on translation agencies. Instead, we have our own team of international copywriters that includes native speakers of several languages, and all of them have a firm grasp of the necessary technical language, too. In the UK and US, we have four colleagues working with us, because English-language magazines make up a large part of our work. With this network, we maintain excellent contacts with the trade press in many countries, in Europe and beyond.

Our work features regularly in the leading European industry magazines, as well as in those covering the Middle East, Africa, Australia, Asia and India, and of course the USA, Canada and South America.

You only need to focus on one or two regions? Not a problem. We’d love to help.

akp speaks many languages

German, English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hindi – and we continue to expand.

Lead agency and networks

We are happy to act as your lead agency. Alternatively, we work with your existing providers. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with others in your network.